Athene Secure was set up in Birmingham in 2017 to address the incoming GDPR and challenges to businesses relating to cybersecurity.

Our Managing Director, David Wright, had worked in cybersecurity and infrastructure for the largest independent global professional services company in the Construction inudstry, where his security helped to protect clients in military, arms, retail and national government environments.

Our other director, Mark Evans, is a well-renowned, CIO Magazine Top 100 UK CIO and has worked in shipping, insurance, telecoms, construction, the NHS and local government.

Together, they have the technical and business insight to deliver pragmatic and emphatic support to our clients and they call on equally-respected professionals within this sphere in order to put you, our client, in safe hands.


But… why an owl? Why ‘Athene’?

In Greek mythology, ‘Athena’ or ‘Athene’ is the Greek goddess associated with wisdom, handicraft, and warfare.

Athena was clearly associated with the owl from very early on and has come to symbolise wisdom. The owl is believed to have been the messenger of Athene.

Athene is also a genus of owls.

We like to think that Athene Secure spreads the wisdom of years of experience and that we are ready to battle the cyber threats which face clients, current and future, as we go forward into a more technically-challenging world.