1:1 Training – click here

Just you and the trainer, online.

We offer standard timetable training (a two-day course over two contiguous days, a five-day course over five contiguous days, etc.)

We also give you the flexibility to decide your own schedule* if you can’t block out contiguous days in your diary. 

For example, take a three day course over three separate days, or a four-day course over eight non-consecutive sessions** or any combination of this flexibility.

Choose your timing (24 hours per day) and choose your days (includes weekends).

We believe that you won’t find a more flexible training environment at a competitive price to the open training sessions of other providers where you must attend on the consecutive dates they offer.

* in agreement with your trainer
** all training must be completed within twelve weeks of initial order

Open Training – click here

Exactly the same as the open classroom sessions you may have attended at training centres, but online. You may be sharing the training session with up to eleven other delegates.

1:1 case study One.

Jan has childcare responsibilities and is also caring for an elderly relative. She wants to undertake the ISC2 CISSP for her career, but can’t block out 5 consecutive days in her diary.
Athene Secure offers her ten half-day sessions, running at a time that suits her. She opts for five consecutive half-day sessions, Tuesday to Saturday, during the first week and then half-day sessions Wednesday to Friday three weeks later with a full day on the Sunday.
Jan finds on Saturday afternoon that she will be unavoidably detained on the Sunday and cannot make the course, so she arranges with her trainer to train a full day on Tuesday.
Jan has taken the full training course at a time to suit herself and her lifestyle.

1:1 case study Two.


Mylo lives in Stapleton, Staten Island, New York. He wants flexible training but no one is offering that level of training with anywhere near to the flexibility he requires.

Athene Secure provides online training to Mylo at a time to suit him and the only way that Mylo knows that his training is unique is that the trainer has a British accent and he can see that it’s dark outside the trainer’s window.
Athene Secure stands by its 24-hour training offer, regardless of whether you’re in New York or Newquay.

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